The Show

Finally...a show about The Momma!

Four women expose  the tender underbelly of motherhood and take it to the stage in a funny, poignant play that will have you looking at mothers in a whole new way.

Leda is the artist who didn't think that motherhood was going to be her next creative venture. Saundra is the businesswoman who thinks mothering will be just like managing a work project. Annie is a nurse who has been training and yearning to be a mother all her life.

And then there is Mother Nature, the Mother of All Mothers, who offers her humor and wisdom to the women as they go on their journey from child of a mother to mother of a child.

"Stretch Marks: Growing into Motherhood" was authored by Christine Armand DiBiasi, Christine Garofoli, Sarah Cluff and Jody Schiller.

The Spring 2006 Performance stars Christine Armand DiBiasi as Leda, Mary Jo Price as Saundra, Jess Raskin as Annie, and Trish DeBaun as  Mother Nature.