Raves & Reviews
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"Your show was fantastic!!!! I was touched on so many levels. Nice work ladies." - Pam R

"What a sweet, honest, and thoughtful ode to motherhood. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and was fascinated by how I was able to relate to all the emotions of all three of the seemingly different new mothers. Motherhood really is a big and crazy spiritual and emotional roller coaster, and it really does bring out the worst and the best in us. It was so comforting to know, see, hear that we are not alone when we are feeling our worst - and to be reminded that we are often our best when engaged in the magical, exasperating, profound, exhausting, exhilarating, beautiful business of raising our kids. Thanks and continued good luck." - Anna S

"I laughed & cried the entire performance. Every mom in the play spoke a voice that we all hear, to some degree. The play is simply brilliant and I have a long list of people to recommend it to, should you do another run." - Carol S

I loved the way the play captured so many of the experiences of motherhood, with all of its joys and imperfections. It made me laugh and cry. It also helped normalize many of my struggles. Bravo!! -Janet M