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“Despite writing, acting and producing their own play, it's not nearly their biggest accomplishment.” - San Francisco Chronicle 5/4/03

San Francisco KFOG Radio Interview, May 2003

“Their common experiences have a real resonance with audiences when they transform their angst into art.”
- Contra Costa Times 5/7/03

"It was the perfect combination of the funny, moving, touching, sad, stressful, happy, and confusing moments of motherhood. At first I was surprised that you brought to life my feelings of being a mom, but then I realized that of course every mom has similar feelings. We all feel so alone as mothers some times, and feel that we must be strong (read: can't ask for help). Your play reminded me that I MUST ask for help from the other women that surround me. What I appreciate most is the conversation that erupted with a group of women I saw the play with. It's a wonderful feeling to know I'm not alone in my feelings. -- I also wanted to thank you for your creativity, time, and talent in making this production. It was brilliant and I can't wait to see it again." -Amy K