The Prima Mommas

Christine Armand DiBiasi and Christine Garofoli (The Christines) formed The Prima Mommas to continue connecting and sharing stories of motherhood with other people. As co-founders of The Drama Mamas—the writing group that created Stretch Marks: Growing into Motherhood—we have been performing the play to sold-out crowds throughout the Bay Area.

As writers of the play, we didn't want to just stand up on stage and talk about how wonderful our kids were or whine about how hard it was to be a Momma in this day and age (okay, well, we're doing a little of that.) The intention, however, was deeper—to give life to some of the aspects of motherhood that many people don't talk about. We are hoping to give voice to the millions of Mommas  who don't have time to even take a shower, let alone gather their thoughts and musings about being a mother.

The Christines are lucky to have a close community of supportive, talented friends that help bring the stories to life, including Mary Jo Price, Trish DeBaun, Sarah Cluff, Marianne Armand, Kara Englebrecht, Johanna Lanner-Cusin, and Alice Shikina.